[Top 5] Best Vclub Tricks to Earn ₹5000 Daily

Nowadays colour prediction games are gaining more popularity daily if you play Vclub colour prediction and are looking for Vclub tricks for a long time to win more then you are in the right place. 

In this article, I will give you the 5 best Vclub tricks to earn money with or without investment. But before giving you all the tricks you have to know something about this app. 

All colour prediction games have some secret, if you want to win the game then, first you have to learn how the game works and you have to make your strategy around the game.

How vclub colour prediction game work 

Like other colour prediction games, Vclub also worked on the same algorithm. You have to select a colour of your choice and if the colour appears in the result then you will win the game.

You have to remember that the owner of the game can change the game results anytime. 

Most of the time this happens when they do the official telegram channel podcast.

Don’t be afraid there are still some tricks to win the game. We have to beat the algorithm to win the game. To do that we have to follow these five tricks.

  1. Select a perfect time to play
  2. Set the daily win and loss amount
  3. Maintain sufficient balance 
  4. Special tricks
  5. Follow the rules 

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Vclub colour prediction game tricks 

Those are the five Vclub color prediction game tricks that you can follow and win the game.

Find the perfect time to play 

Remember I told you that the game owner can change the game anytime. 

If you are in that time when the admin changes the game results, you can’t win the game by hook or by crook.

In that case, we have to find a perfect time to play when the owner is not available to change the game results. 

Now the question is how can we know whether the owner is available or not. Don’t worry, I will provide you with the trick to find that. 

In the number Four trick, I will provide you with some patterns you have to follow.

 If the patterns come exactly without changing any values then you can consider that time as the perfect time to play the game. 

Admin did not change values that’s why the patterns follow the algorithm, now you have the conditions to beat the algorithm.

Set your Daily limits

The most important rule to play any money-making game is to follow this rule strictly.

Before starting your day you have to set your goal for that day. If you don’t follow this rule you will lose all of your wealth. 

Suppose if you don’t set the win and loss amounts and start investing in Vclub app. Continuously you win the game and suddenly you lose in one game. 

Now the mindset turned to recovering the loss and playing the game by increasing the amount and you lose again and again. 

At the end of this process, you have zero balance in your account and most of the players make the same mistake and lose again and again. 

So don’t be greedy set your daily limits and stop the game when you cross the limit by win or loss.

Maintain sufficient balance 

Maintaining sufficient balance is one of the major key factors to winning the Vclub color prediction game. 

All the Vclub tricks need to be three to four trials to give the results. In that case, to survive the game for one to four you have to maintain the account balance.

To recover the loss and make a profit you have to increase your beat amount every time by 2x or 3x depending on your budget. 

If you want to play with the 2x investment method then you have to maintain the balance according to 2x method for up to 5 games

The same condition applies to the 3x method. Maintain the account balance according to the method. 

Special tricks 

Follow the above tricks and apply the number and colour patterns. 

Number 3 and number 9 will be the indication of the Green 💚 colour in the next game. 

Number 3 also gives a hint of number 7 and number 1

You can bet on Green color and numbers 1 and 7 on the basis of these two numbers 3 and 9.

Remember one thing, follow these patterns while it meet with the above tricks. 

Follow the rules

All the above tricks will be interconnected with each other. You have to follow all those Vclub tricks to win the game. 

All the Vclub colour prediction tricks can be applicable when all those tricks/rules meet with each other.

First carefully observe the special tricks, if you see the patterns that means it’s a perfect time to play.

Now set your daily limits and recharge your account while maintaining sufficient balance. 

Now you’re ready to play the Vclub colour prediction game.

Last words 

I hope you understand the concept of the Vclub colour prediction game. This method is not certified by any professional. 

This method is based on my six years of experience and I personally use this method to win the game. 

I am not responsible for any kind of loss. Use those methods on your own responsibility. 

Try to understand the concepts of the Vclub game and find your best tricks to win the game.

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