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Vclub Invite codeApatEJu7
App size9.50MB
Vclub Signup bonus₹121

What is VClub ? How to Earn Money in VClub

Vclub is an online money-earning app where you can earn money in many different ways; Vclub Asia is a colour prediction game. If you have long been looking for a trusted online money-earning app, the Vclub will be the best option for you. 

Vclub offers many different ways to earn money. You can make one crore rupees from this Vclub app. I have been using this app since last year, and I have received 1.5 lakh rupees and am also on the way to one crore. Hurry up, don’t waste your time. Download the Vclub app now.

in vclub app user can earn one crore cash

Process to Vclub Sign Up 

Register on Vclub Asia. The signup process is very simple. Just follow these simple steps to sign up on the Vclub app. For every successful signup, Vclub gives 121 signup bonuses. You can also get that bonus signup now. 

  1. Click here to open the registration form
  2. Now you have to put your Mobile Number
  3. Click on the OTP button
  4. Here, you have to put the OTP you received on your mobile number
  5. Enter a password of your choice
  6. In the “Recommendation code” option, put this code their “ApatEJu7″
  7. Now click on Register and done 

You have successfully registered in the Vclub app and got the Signup Bonus in your account. 

vclub sigup and login page details

Vclub Login Process

After successful signup, you can log in to your Vclub dashboard. 

  • Click here to Vclub Login
  • Now enter your Mobile number.
  • Enter the password
  • And click on Login 

If you forgot your password, then you can reset the password by clicking on the Forgot password button, > enter the registered mobile number > enter the OTP and set your new password. 

How to Recharge in the Vclub app wallet

To play the Vclub colour prediction, you have to signup first and for sigup you get ₹121 signup bonus; to add more money to your Vclub app, you must follow the steps. 

  1. First, Login to your Vclub app dashboard
  2. Here, you can see a “Recharge” option 
  3. Now Enter the recharge amount (minimum recharge amount ₹200 and maximum ₹50,000)
  4. Click on the Recharge button
  5. You must select one UPI app, Gpay, Paytm, phone pay, and others. 
  6. Now click on “Open to Pay“. It will redirect you to the app and make the payment successfully. 
  7. Here, you can see the successful message. If you don’t see that, then
  8. Copy the 12-digit transaction ID, paste it on the “ENTER the UTR” tab, and Click On Review again.
  9. After a few minutes, the recharge amount will be successfully added to your vclub account.

How to earn money in Vclub app

Vclub app offers ten different ways to earn real money. You can make more than one crore of real money from this vclub app. 

They have different programs for the users to earn money, but Vclub is a colour prediction game app. The main identity of this game is the club colour prediction. 

Here are the ten ways you can earn real money from this app. 

  1. Vclub Colour prediction
  2. Referral
  3. Vclub agent crore cash growth plan
  4. Contribution x2 cash growth plan
  5. Luck draw
  6. Daily check-in
  7. Promotion
  8. Careers rewards
  9. Daily rewards
  10. Consecutive sign-in Bonus

Vclub colour prediction is the base of this app. To play Vclub colour prediction, you must predict the correct color or number from three color combinations: Red, Green and Violate, and the combination of ten digits from 0-9. here are the top 5 best vclub tricks to win the vclub colour prediction game.

For every correct guess, you make 2x returns on colors and 9x returns on the number of your invested amount. 

How to withdraw money in Vclub

The Vclub app has two wallet options. One wallet is for Vclub colour prediction. This is the main wallet, and the other is for vclub agents. The main wallet stores the gameplay winning and recharge amount.

You can see your referral and agent VIP bonus in the agent wallet. You can withdraw from both wallets at the same time. Follow the simple steps to complete the process. 

vclub asia withdrawal process detailed explanation

How to withdraw from the main wallet 

  • Main wallet is located on my account page.
  • Click on the withdrawal option
  • Here, you have two options to add your bank account details, add your bank account 
  • Now select the withdraw amount (minimum ₹200 and maximum ₹20,000)
  • Now Enter the login password 
  • Click on withdrawal

How to withdraw from Agent Wallet

  • The agent wallet is located in the invite section.
  • Click on the withdrawal option
  • Now select the withdraw amount (minimum ₹200 and maximum ₹20,000)
  • Select the bank account
  • Now Enter the login password 
  • Click on withdrawal

Talking about the Vclub withdrawal time, After applying for withdrawal within 2 or 3 hours, the withdrawal amount will be added to your bank account. 

Vclub Customer Service

If you have any queries about Vclub and want to contact Vclub officials’ customer service, you can go to the profile page and click on complain and suggestion option. 

It will redirect you to a telegram channel where you can find the Vclub official contact details or contact this official Vclub bot. @vclub_service_bot


What is Vclub

vclub is a colour prediction game where you can earn money by playing Colour prediction game and referring the vclub app to your friends and family.

How to play Vclub Colour Prediction

Like other colour prediction games you have to predict the correct color and number. if your prediction was right you will win the game.

What is Vclub Recommendation Code

Vclub recommendation code is a unique code when a player joins the vclub app. The player invites his friends through this code. without recommendation code you can’t join the game, if you don’t have any code you can use this code “ApatEJu7”

VClub Review

Based on my last six years of using different kinds of colour prediction games, Vclub is one of those apps providing the best services. I never face any issues while playing the game, recharge and withdrawal. 

The most common issue with this kind of game is the withdrawal, many games refuse the customer’s withdrawals or ban the user’s account, but for the last two years, I never face any issue with the vclub app. 

This is completely my personal experience with this app. You can start your colour prediction game journey with the vclub app with a small investment, don’t put a huge amount of money at starting. 

Many of my friends and I never face any issues, so that we can recommend the vclub app. Once you join the app, you can also get a chance to win more than one crore rupees without any investment. 

Warning: is not an official page of Vclub. We hereby disclaim any responsibility for any financial loss, inconvenience, or harm that may result from engaging with this website. All the information provided through this website is only for educational purposes.